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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> it is unusual. >> please secured me and took me down. -- please secured me and took me down. -- they secured me and took me down. >> what we're learning from a man in the middle of it. >> a disturbing discovery at a local cemetery. exclusive details are moments away. >> the impact people are feeling from last night's weather and the pickup and the forecast. the news at 11:00 starts now. >> abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. >> a chaotic day in downtown do you see -- d.c. rose slater has been following the story sends earlier tonight.
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are the police staying tightlipped? roz: what they were searching for is still a mystery tonight. we know that they were focused on the building behind me and one man into custody and then let him go. witnesses say around 4:30 in the afternoon is when the buildup began. multiple police agencies on the ground, helicopters overhead. fire and rescue vehicles standing by. tourists ran outside. >> we started to approach the sidewalk and they said you cannot come over. raz: they washed officers rolling out. >> i saw an officer walking the streets. roz: they were searching multiple locations near the
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department of transportation. but then the hours dragged on and frustrated tourists began questioning whether this was a drill. >> i do not understand how there is such a huge response was no urgency. roz: just before 8:00 they saw them talking to a man in handcuffs. he was in the building preparing for a seminar and was unaware the officers confronted him. >> they were searching the building for some kind of activity, i am not sure what. they saw me and did not know who i was so they asked me to get down. the just secured me and took me down. roz: to check out his card key an id and let him go. because he understands the officers were doing what had to be done. >> absolutely, i would rather have them checking it out than not. roz: all the police would say is
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that they found nothing during the search. we are live in southwest d.c. kellye: tonight it was the home after the storm but crews are so -- calm after the storm but crews are still dealing with people without power. the numbers dropped drastically within the last hour. meteorologist ryan miller is looking ahead to the work week and the one day you will need to keep your art on. ryan: it looks to be tuesday. temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. what have the attention over the weekend was the rainfall. we have more rainfall on saturday than the entire month of may across the region. -- had more rainfall on saturday than the entire month of may across the region. many places over an inch of rain.
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today was a nice respite with a few isolated showers that most of the day warm temperatures with a high of 94 at the airport. all of the areas in northern virginia and maryland were in the 90's. i think we will see a repeat tomorrow. we are keeping an eye on whether features including a front north of washington. it will begin moving to the south and trigger showers in the northwestern suburbs. the northwest will remain dry and we will all see muggy and mild temperatures overnight. will take a look at the seven day forecast coming up. kellye: thank you ryan. only on seven tonight, two brothers visiting a grave on father's day were horrified to find a casket floating out of the vault. they alerted seven on your side and we went out there immediately. jay joins us with more.
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this is not the first time we have had to hold them accountable, correct? jay: four years ago we give a story where the ground close to some caskets was beginning to erode. the problem was quickly fixed. folks were concerned that looking ahead if the issue continues to be a problem caskets will be unearthed and that is what happened. >> at the father's day, dad. >> happy father's day. jay: it has been a tradition for these brothers 2012, seems like yesterday. jay: to visit their dad on father's day. >> when i have a lot of things on my head i come over here. jay: the time of quiet reflection turned to confusion and anger. >> i told my brother, does that look like a piece of a casket? jay: the unthinkable were a great holiday property. >> what is it and -- creek
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hugged the cemetery property. they discovered a casket filled with water. the brothers, upset and horrified, contacted 7 on your side. >> i was concerned. jay: soon after we contacted officials, cemetery officials rushed to the site. they say that the creek overflowed due to the storm which allowed fast-moving water to erode the soil and under the casket. >> this should -- on earth -- u near >> this should never happen. jay: the brothers say that it should not be burying people so close to the water. they refused to say why. >> please spend a lot of money to bury people here and do have a casket and ewald like that is unacceptable -- very spend a lot
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of money to bury people here and to have a casket and vault like that is unacceptable. jay: they say that they will work with the family to relocate the casket to another part of the grounds. kellye: thank you. today, sons and daughters the tribute to fathers who lost their lives in vietnam. hundreds took place in the ceremony of the vietnam memorial and although many have not met before today very sure of having a father who paid the ultimate -- they shared the bond of having a father who paid the ultimate price. >> and i think it just makes you a stronger person. >> there are still people who are suffering the effects of the war. kellye: roses lying the base of the memorial with red representing killed in action and yellow for missing in action and white for those who died after they return home.
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sounds of feeling today across charleston s.c. where mother emanuel reopened -- healing across charleston, s.c. were mother emanuel reopened its doors.they brought a message of love and healing after the massacre. >> i want you to halt the three people right next to you >> hug --h three people next toug -- hug three people next to you. kellye: the confessed killer dylann roof remains on suicide watch in a charleston jail. investigators are looking into his past and a reported online manifesto. it contains writings against minorities and an explanation as to why charleston was picked as a target. tonight in d.c. a silent march
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in solidarity with mother emanuel. the group set up around 6:00 tonight from the african american civil war memorial nearly metro. the group wants to bring awareness to racial violence in america. developingmaryland students cut short on the sat. what you need to do is your child was affected. and unfolding right now, a mystery with ties to the white house. who is missing and the one lead the police have. anything slip because of a painting. the prison guard
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>> you are watching abc seven news at 11:00, on your side. kellye: new developments from upstate new york. a guard at the prison is now on leave. at the center of it all is a painting. gene palmer received a painting from matt. the other went to joyce mitchell. 's attorney denies any involvement. -- is attorney denies any involvement. >> i can confirm 100% that he
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did not know they were planning a breakout. they are master manipulators. kellye: today the police got a to that met -- tip met sweat may have been spotted near the allegheny border. it has been a week since the white house executive chef went missing. walter scheib served under bill clinton and george w. bush. 's cell phone signal was tracked to a mountain this week. investigators say that the terrain is treacherous. the supreme court will announce two major rulings before its term ends in two weeks. it will determine if the constitution protects the right of same-sex couples to marriage nationwide and if subsidies are owed to people using these federal health care exchanges. uber now banning guns for drivers as well as writers. anyone who breaks. riders.
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-- riders. were over drivers fired guns. -- they save this came after incidents where drivers fired guns. 16,000 students in maryland are victims of a misprint. a typo in the june the june 6 sat cheated them out of time to complete the tesbooklet said that they had 25 minutes but the materials were supposed to have 30. they can take it again for no additional cost. people in colombia are on the lookout for raccoons with rabies. howard county police received reports of a raccoon acting erratically. anyone who sees the rectum should go indoors and call 911 immediately. hundreds of people spread out and stretch out on the national mall today.
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that is because the united nations declared today the national day of yoga. the government created events around the world of the government hosted sessions from 8:30 until noon. that is a better pose for me than on my head. ryan: uncomfortable for me none the less. looks like they had good weather. it got caught this afternoon and human. it looks like -- hot this afternoon and humor. -- humid. we will see low temperatures into the 70's so it looks like a muggy night. it is now officially summer, we have the summer solstice earlier today and we will be in the summer season for the next few weeks and lose some of the
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daylight. we have more daylight minutes. we received 14 hours and five minutes over the last 14 hours. as i mentioned, 94 at reagan national. 86 is the normal high and 101 is the record high. 51 degrees the record low back in 1992. we will be in the 70's tomorrow still in the 80's in many locations. 80 in quantico and clarksburg and alexandra. the wind is gusty. we have a front approaching which may give us a few showers. it is gusty between 10 or 20 miles an hour. look at the 11:00 temperatures, 79 in gaithersburg. the dewpoint temperatures are into the 60's and 70's and dew point is a way we measure moisture in the atmosphere.
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in the 60's and 70's the humidity is sticky outside and we will factor that in and it feels like 93 at reagan national. feels like 81 in gaithersburg which is why you will need the fat overnight. we can see activity heading into washington county, maryland which will progress to the south and east. you can see the activity weakening as it moves towards washington and into the piedmont of virginia about isolated showers cannot be ruled out. the balance will remain dry but we will be muggy. on futurecast you can see some of those. tomorrow morning we will wake up to a bit of sunshine, the clouds will mix in and temperatures got through the 80's and eventually the 90's. tomorrow afternoon we begin with isolated storms and the best chances west of washington.
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tomorrow it will be 85 by noon and here is the next seven days. 91 tomorrow and then it is tuesday that has the attention 96 degrees in the afternoon, a scorcher. we will slightly cool off towards wednesday and thursday. gentle showers back into the forecast next weekend. -- a chance of showers back into the forecast next weekend. >> a good day. like the song. kellye: thank you for that. >> that is the too hot for handle. especially at the light. history was made at the u.s. open. today was a good day.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk. >> jordan spieth continues to make history by taking the u.s. open. shot of the day comes from loi uie. the lens on the green and it would role in for a birdie. he had a great back nine. he finished in second at four under. 16th hole, jordan spieth. tied for the lead at five under.rdie attempt falls in. greasewood double bogey. -- greece would double bogey. on the 18th speed comes back. -- wspieth comes back. it roles within 10 feet of the hole and a chance at an eagle. he would birdie and take the
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lead as well. that opens the door for dustin johnson with his approach on 18, just as good as spieth. 12 feet away for an eagle opportunity. johnson is now on the green with a chance to win. if you can get the eagle. but the pot is no good. -- if he can get the eagle. but the put is no good. he has the chance for a bogey to force a playoff but he misses. good stuff. happy father's day to all of the fathers out there. hope you had a wonderful day. >> happy father's day. >> a proud father as he gets ready for the pirates. nats went crazy, chris barker cut rushing -- crushing one to
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the left. gio gonzalez gets in on the action. a shot down the right-field line. michael taylor. gio's first hit of the year and it is double. escobar deep to left and that is a franchise record. they go on to win this one. on to some soccer. d.c. united hosting the new england revolution. down to the wire. we picked this one up at the 70th minute. fabian makes a great pass for the goal. this game tied at one after that. 81st minute, united has a penalty shot. it is an opportunity. the second goal of the game. united wins this 12-1. -- one 2-1.
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women's world cup, the ball bounces to josie. it is in, 1-0 canada. the final note, beating the blue jays 13-9. today was a good day. kellye: a lot of teams were out today, we like it. thank you so much, robert. take a look at this because you have never seen a truck do this.
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kellye: at first glance it looks like a giant tv on the back of a truck but does an image of the traffic coming in the other direction. samsung is testing technology that involves mounting a camera on the front of the truck to provide a safer way to pass trucks and avoid collisions. an incredible rescue in spain. crews worked for 20 hours to free a man fred indicated. -- according trapped in a cave. according to local media he fell down.
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kellye: should we prepare for more muddiness? diane: -- mugginess?
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ryan: a cold front will being a little cooler weather -- will bring a little cooler weather. kellye:
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> now, abc 7's washington weekly on your side. kellye: severe weather this weekend in more than a dozen states. 25 million people are in the threat zone and storms are on the move. rob is more on the weather that has claimed two lives. rob: it is a virtual waterworld in parts of tennis. -- texas. the emergency weather alert is sounding the alarm. this bridge collapsing into the river, this truck nearly vertical. rescue required and no word on injuries. remember this rescue in southern
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illinois? a boy getting sucked into the covert and witnesses helping him -- culvert and witnesses helping him. in the past 36 hours storms all the way to the east coast. watch the lights go out after this delaware lightning strike. skies lit up from washington d.c. to illinois. wind took out the street, claiming the life of a mail carrier driving through a thunderstorm. another death in for thompson, south dakota. >> that is what it sounded like. rob: she was asleep in the camper when the storm hit. >> wee and a half times and lifted over the electrical box and rolled again.


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